About Meditation

Writings which have been commented were bibliographically and textually evaluated; those without comments  only bibliographically.
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  • Puddicombe, Andy: Mach mal Platz im Kopf. Meditation brint’s! [ Original v. 2011; deutsche Ausg. 2012; ] vollständige Taschenbuchausgabe; München: Knaur Verlag 2016 (= Knaur Menssana), ISBN 978–3–426–87629–9 [Puddicombe2016a]
    • ZEN supports your own targets (Bonpu Zen), the development of your personality (Gedo Zen), and your spirituality (Daijo Zen). This book focuses on Bonpu Zen, maybe also bit on Gedo Zen - although it doesn't talk about Zen. It only wants to teach meditation. The '10-for-me' meditation is its kernel: counting 10 breaths, again and again - embedded into a set of meditation phases which could be taken as a workout plan. Additionally it gives some valuable advices. The tip for example, to take the own thoughts as rolling by traffic, or as stones, which waves a calming down lake. And of course the advice only to gingerly guide the wilde horse of our thoughts to the resting spot.
  • Thiemann, Sophia: ZEN Meditation. Zen Mediation lernen - Meditation für Anfänger; Berlin: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2017, ISBN 978–1974264926 [Thiemann2017a]